Custom & Bespoke Jewellery 

Most of us wear jewellery because it is meaningful to us. The meaning may be that it was given to you by someone you love deeply, that you worked damned hard to buy it for yourself, and sometimes the story is as simple as ‘I LOVE how this jewellery makes me feel’. Our custom designs help your jewellery idea come to life.


Engagement Rings 

Engagement Rings are often the most meaningful piece of jewellery you will ever own. A piece of jewellery to keep that person with them, always. Collaborate with our design team to design your one of kind piece


Repurposing Old Estate Jewellery  

We repurpose jewellery owned by their loved one, sometimes we design an entirely new piece that celebrates their life. It’s OK to cry when we work together on these pieces, we have tissues and we may just join in with a few tears of our own.  Often when people come in to have their engagement rings valued after the marriage is over, they are disappointed in the value of their ring. We LOVE to help you cathartically melt your ring down, pull the stones out of their settings and create an entirely new piece of jewellery.


Have your own custom made piece of jewellery because you’re worth it, because you have always had your heart set on a design you can NEVER find …

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Custom and Bespoke Jewellery

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